The Inspiring Stories of Four Stroke Survivors


Driving home from an evening event. Getting out of bed to start the day. Hitting the shift key at work. Hosting family for the holidays. Each year, nearly 800,000 people suffer from a stroke. A Teachable Moment is the story of four strangers who find common ground after one moment changes their lives forever. 



A successful businessman turned stroke survivor and activist.


An uninsured, self-made symbol for recovery at any cost.


A mother, wife and lawyer running to keep control of her future.


A family man reborn to a healthier, more fulfilled life.


Every 40 seconds a stroke radically changes a person's life. These attacks happen to anyone of any age at any time. Once considered an “over 65” disease, stroke attacks the lives of adults as young as 30 at staggering rates. Some recover, many don’t. This film is the story of four survivors searching for their new normal. 


A call to action for everyone, A Teachable Moment is a feature-length documentary dedicated to describing the science behind the disease, offering lifestyle choices to lower risk and empowering viewers with the knowledge that strokes are preventable, treatable and beatable. 

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Produced in Washington, DC, A Teachable Moment focuses on four local survivors that represent the greater story of stroke in the United States. LAI Video also speaks with loved ones and medical experts to clearly describe the disease, its debilitating impact and the tangible steps anyone can take to reduce the risk of a stroke. The documentary uses contemporary animation to better illustrate the science behind stroke, available treatments and preventable risk factors.


Know the Signs. Get Involved.

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