ATM Official Selection for Utopia Film Festival

Monday, September 24, 2018

We're excited to announce that A Teachable Moment is part of the official selection for the 14th Annual Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, Maryland!

The feature-length documentary joins an impressive lineup of films that reinforce Utopia's mission of improving our society through cinema -- to strive towards a utopian vision in culture, health, politics and the environment.

LAI Video and the participants of ATM are also thrilled to screen the doc in our own backyard, as the film focuses exclusively on stories from the Washington, DC area.


You can watch A Teachable Moment at 12 PM on Sunday, October 14, at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Tickets are $7 per block and $20 for weekend passes.

Every 40 seconds, a stroke radically changes someone’s life. These attacks can happen to anyone of any age, and at any time. Though once considered an “over 65” disease, strokes attack adults as young as 30 at staggering rates. Some recover, many don’t. A Teachable Moment tells the story of four survivors searching for their new normal.

As ATM plays through the film festival circuit in search of distribution, groups can host public and private screenings to share the film's positive message of prevention and recovery.

James Loizou